Mansell Motorsport

Formula One, Reborn.

Mansell Motorsport engineers retired Formula One machinery with completely new internals to ensure they are reliable, safe and fast. Our clients include private collectors, Formula One enthusiasts and pure racers with the F1s being driven at demonstrations or raced all over the world.

Mansell Auto Events

Events with F1 Professionalism.

Mansell Auto Events takes the professionalism required to run a Formula One motorsports team and injects the same passion, dedication and technology into automotive events. From planning to event management Mansell Auto Events focus on building solid relationships with their clients.



Mansell Motorsport give unused yet beautiful F1 and GP2 machinary a new lease of life by taking them from the private collections and museums of the world back to where they belong; on the track.

We manage the complex projects of updating ex-F1 cars with newer, more dependable engines, more reliable gearbox systems and fresh wiring looms, so the cars can be run with fewer staff and to a realistic budget.

Mansell Motorsport’s team also setup and engineer Formula One or GP2 cars to best suit their driver’s needs – often making these extremely technical machines more compliant.

Mansell Motorsport Video Gallery

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